Karaoke Christmas Christmas was lots of fun. I …

Karaoke Christmas

Christmas was lots of fun. I went to Brooklyn to visit my cousins and sang karaoke for hours. It started off as a rainy day, but by the time I left it was a white Christmas. It was nice catching up with my cousins. I only see them sporadically, but I always feel comfortable around them. It was also really nice staying at my parent’s house and hanging out with my brother.

All told, it was a rather lazy and relaxing week. I didn’t do a whole aside from relax and think. 2002 was full of so many changes for me, yet I feel as if life was happening to me rather than me living it. I hope to make even more changes in 2003. Hopefully all my professional plans will come together. Hopefully I’ll get rid of some people (person?) that continue to hurt me. Hopefully I can find resolution–one way or another–with the one girl I truly loved over the last two years. We shall see where it all goes, but hopefully I’ll have the focus and resolve to see it all through.

It’s funny, I was talking with J-Fo and we had similar views on our ’02s. Lots of things happened for us, mostly good but none in the direction we ultimately want to go in. We both have plans to make the changes we want in ’03. I hope it happens for both of us.

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