On pizza and snitches I’m back in New York and …

On pizza and snitches

I’m back in New York and I’ve had pizza for my last three meals. My tummy is so happy. I’ve missed real pizza so much.

There’s a ton of stuff at work that has been annoying me. It’s become a big distraction since I’m trying to do a lot. I got edited by someone higher up, which I found incredibly annoying. It’s not like I go and change the company’s sales and marketing strategy. I was so irritated that I took my name off the byline. I made a comment about my ex-boss in an internal email and somebody in the department told him about it. So I’ve been getting hostile emails and ICQ messages from him. The comment wasn’t even really derogatory and was in response to a point someone else made using him for backup. Anyway, I didn’t need either of these things as I was trying to crank out thousands of words in the last two days.

I meant to post this editorial by Arianna Huffington earlier in the week. It reaffirmed my decision ride an electric bike.

My brief time in the city was surprisingly relaxing. With all the stuff going on (and the stuff not going on) in my life, the pace of Manhattan really helped me get lost and forget. It’s such an amazing place.

Before I left to Manhattan, I spent some time in San Francisco. I hung out with Rannie, which was rather nice. I haven’t had much to give her lately, but I was happy we could spend some time in a non-work environment. Of course we went to Farley’s. I gave Heidi a wristband. I needed one and I knew she wanted one too, so I stopped by the Puma store. She’s single now…. I don’t think I’ve ever been rejected by a girl and her best friend. Maybe I should go for Heidi.

I had weird stuff with the girl again. I expect her to do these kinds of things, but it still hurts a bit. And she was surprised to hear that I don’t count on her. Ironic that.

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