All I need is time, a moment that is mine I had…

All I need is time, a moment that is mine

I had a most delicious meal on Tuesday. Steve and I went over to Bryn’s house for some curry. Mrs. Bryn made a kick-ass curry that nearly had me in tears. Spice rules. I brought over some lovely wine and Steve brought over a devilish cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. Much to Bryn’s chagrin, we watched Crossroads, the Britney Spears movie. Her giggle…her drawl…and her…uhm, timbre…she’s so hot.

After dinner Steve and I went to Starbucks since I needed caffeine to write a review. There was this cute goofy blond girl there. She was carrying boxes and spilled coffee on a customer. At that moment I fell in love with her. After we left Steve remarked, “The blond girl was cute. It’s your fault that I now find goofy girls endearing.” I’m paraphrasing, but it was pretty funny.

So I’m in the middle of a ridiculous road trip. Yesterday I flew to San Francisco. Tonight I fly to New York. Monday I fly back to San Francisco. That same night I fly to Salt Lake City. Finally I fly back home on Tuesday night. It’s been tough mixing up the traveling, meeting, and tons of writing I have to do. There’s been stuff going on at the office that has been pissing me off. I truly do not have the time and patience. It’s a good thing I’m not there because the debates have been so annoying that I’d either smack someone or quit.

Oh well, at least I can have some pizza and see my family while I’m in New York. Still, I wish I had more free time.

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