On going home and electric cars I missed a real…

On going home and electric cars

I missed a really good friend’s wedding today because of work and travel. You have no idea how much of an @$$hole I feel about it. With the holiday games rolling in, the usual junkets, and my staff being short an editor, there was just no way I could swing it.

I had so much work to do this weekend. Yuck. I can’t complain about the writing and playing, because that’s always fun, but I had two monster spreadsheets to do. Double yuck. Oh well, at least I get to play around the world this week. I cancelled my end-of-the-week trip to Vegas though, because it was just too much. That and I should have an eGO Cycle 2 review unit coming in. Hopefully they let me keep it or give me a discount.

Later this week I’ll be in San Francisco. This is the first time I’m going to SF since Kate left. It’s going to be so weird without her. I keep thinking, “Oh, I’ll call Kate and we’ll meet up at Farley’s so she can watch me fawn over Tobie.” But I can’t do that anymore and it makes me sad. I miss her so much. She’s in Minnesota starting a new life and Raina’s in Taiwan. I don’t have my two confidantes around.

Check this: I’m thinking about leasing a car in December. Pretty crazy, huh? I’m sure the thought frightens all my San Francisco friends. Driving + Raymond is not a logical equation. Here’s the kicker: I want this car. It’s electric. It’s good for the environment. It’s incredibly efficient. Best of all, if I lease it before 2003 I’ll get $3,000 a year for three years from the government plus an IRS rebate.

I’m still not sure about it though. It would add a great deal of convenience, but insurance and monthly payments will be annoying. At least the upkeep costs of an electric car are much lower than a petrol burner. Right now, I’d say the chances of me actually getting it are 40/60. Then again, the chances of me living in a place like Irvine were even lower…and look at me now.

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