On tennis balls, jet lag, and aging I’ve finall…

On tennis balls, jet lag, and aging

I’ve finally recovered from jet lag. It’s never taken me this long to get back into it. I guess it’s part of getting older. How…unnerving.

Speaking of getting older, it was my birthday last Wednesday. I didn’t do anything exciting, just my usual Wednesday volleyball and hanging out with Steve. I had lovely wishes from many people, including some I was surprised to hear from. You shouldn’t be reading this because I never gave you the link, but thanks for the flowers baby. And whoever sent Steve and I the nice assortment of Yankee drinking devices, thanks! Now kindly identify yourself (yourselves?) so I can properly thank you. (Also so Steve and I can solve this mystery. We each have theories….)

Phu and I played tennis the other day. Of all the people I’ve played down here, he’s clearly the best. I beat him pretty easily, but mainly because he’s out of practice and made lots of unforced errors. It should get pretty interesting after he gets a few more sets under his belt. His forehand has some nice topspin, which will force me to hit the ball on the rise. I can do so with my forehand right now, but I don’t have the timing with my backhand yet. It should all come back though.

I bought Dunlop balls for my match with Phu. The last few times I used Wilsons. I forgot how much I prefer playing with Dunlops. They just take spin better and bounce a tad higher than other balls — a definite advantage for those lazy topspin moonballs I hit to recover position.

Oh, I bought a bunch of Fekkai hair products at duty free. This stuff so rocks! Paul Mitchell is such a fraud. I’m totally digging my numerous shampoos, conditioners, and other goodies. After more than a decade of Paul Mitchell use, I’m totally abandoning him for Fekkai. Frederic rocks! (And yes, I’m straight.)

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