And so with a heavy heart… …and a pained pa…

And so with a heavy heart…

…and a pained pancreas, Raymond left San Francisco.

I went to SF over the weekend to help Kate pack up. She’s moving to Minnesota. It’s going to be weird having her so far away. I’ve already missed her being 300-something miles away. Now there will be 2,000-something miles between us. She’s been there for me throughout all my ridiculous…situations. So on one hand I’m extremely sad to see her go.

On the other hand, I think moving to Minnesota will be fantastic for her. She was getting tired of San Francisco and my best-friend-in-the-industry will be there for her. Those guys are disgustingly cute. Ech.

On Saturday I saw Phuong-Mai. We went to the comic-book store together. I haven’t bought comics in months. I really missed them. I’m contemplating getting into comics again and perhaps working on the script again. I figure it will help keep me out of trouble and away from girls (isn’t that the same thing?).

Oh yeah, I saw Jenny last week. In addition to snagging another free latte, I learned that she does her Spanish homework in pink pen. This is not a good sign. I don’t think college girls do their homework in pink pen, which would mean she’s in….

Yeah, nothing but trouble there.

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