Countdown Lately I�ve been internalizing. I�ve …


Lately I�ve been internalizing. I�ve had plenty to say, but lacked the inclination to really talk about it. So instead of dealing with what�s bothering me, I�ve thrown myself in to mindless activities like bowling and tanning. I�m getting particularly good at the latter.

Over the weekend Jenny and some of the boys from work were over. As settled in as I am, there�s still much I have to buy. The boys brought over some frozen pizza and I realized that I didn�t have any cookie sheets to cook it on or a knife to cut it with. It�s a good thing Rannie bought me that barbecue set, because that three foot knife doubles nicely as a pizza cutter (not really).

Wednesday I go to San Francisco. This will be my first time back since I�ve moved. There are tons of people I want to see and things I want to do. I�ll probably get around to a tenth of them. My best-friend-in-the-industry will be around, so it will be super cool to hang out with him. Hopefully I�ll get to see his slut too (tee-hee).

Of course, I�m super excited to see Tobie. I know she�ll be glad to see me, but probably not overly so. That�s just how it goes with me. The girls I fancy never think about me too much. They�re always on my mind exponentially more than I am on theirs. Whatever. I still can�t wait to see her.

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