Boo! Wow, it�s been a long time since my last b…


Wow, it�s been a long time since my last blog. It�s been tough since I haven�t had Internet access at home until today. The last month has been really strange–so many ups and downs. I miss San Francisco and my friends, but work is pretty rad and I love my apartment. It�s just that thing between my apartment and work–a.k.a. Irvine–that I�m not so hot about.

I missed making my binary lists, so here�s one to celebrate my blogging:

Good: My apartment rules.

Bad: I miss Tobie.

Good: I absolutely love the two girls that sent me the deluxe edition of Scrabble. I was actually crying when I received it. I miss playing with you guys while fawning over Tobie.

Bad: I�m so angry with the girl that continually disappoints me. I like to think I give a lot to you–and at one time I would have given you everything–but lately when I�ve really needed you, you weren�t there for me.

Good: I�m so happy for my best-friend-in-the-industry and his really hot visitor.

Bad: I wish I could tell you everything that�s on my mind. I know I can trust you�it�s just weird.

Hmmmmm, my last good-bad set is still too personal. I�ll keep this one to myself for now.

My new scooter rules, btw.

Almost as much as Jen’s latest picture on the Aislers Set site.

And Raina, stop dying. You�re yelling at me too much.

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