I left my heart�. On June 1, 2000 I arrived in …

I left my heart�.

On June 1, 2000 I arrived in San Francisco. Exactly two years later I left the city. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I�d come to love it so much. Against my wishes and against my better judgment, I really did leave my heart in San Francisco (probably somewhere on 18th Street between Texas and Missouri). There�s so many things that I�m going to miss about the city, but mostly I�ll cherish all the wonderful memories that I�ll take with me to Irvine.

The last three days in SF were really tough. Saying goodbye to Rob, Rannie, James, Tony, Brandy, Tammy, and Kate was really heartbreaking. I didn�t have the nerve to tell most of friends when I was going. I just really hate saying goodbye. It�s going to be�difficult without them, but I know I�ll be fine. If there�s one thing I�m good at, it�s leaving unexpectedly.

So far I�ve been going through a ton of culture shock. It�s so odd that civilization around here revolves around a mall. My place is much bigger than I�m used to, and I won�t get my stuff until next week, so I feel incomplete and really lonely. The one saving grace is that there are numerous hot tubs in my complex. There�s nothing like a hot tub to take away a bit of sadness.

Not surprisingly, the thing I�m missing the most right now is Farley�s. There�s just something really warm about that coffeehouse. Plus I�ve had so many good times there. It doesn�t hurt that the woman of my dreams works there either, but that�s another story. More than anything I wish I could go there, order my double latte, play some Scrabble, and fawn over Tobie.

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