Hi, my name is Joe So there�s this guy name Joe…

Hi, my name is Joe

So there�s this guy name Joe. He�s had his eye on a most outstanding woman that works at his favorite coffeehouse. Normally Joe is either pitifully shy or woefully inept with women, but for some reason thinks he can connect with aforementioned coffeehouse girl. There have been moments when Joe has been sweet, possibly charming, with the girl. His most recent actions are decidedly lame.

After listening to some of the girl�s personal experiences and engaging in some activities that could be construed as flirting, Joe found himself more enamored than ever with the charming coffeehouse girl. He�s been wanting to say something to her�let her know how beautiful she is�or tell her how her laughter warms his heart�or possibly ask her on a date. For several reasons–most of which stem from cowardice and a general lack of confidence–he has never done much. Today was going to be different for Joe. After too much thought he finally did something.

He scribbled down what he wanted to say to the girl, partially to see how ridiculous it was. Not wanting to make a fuss in front of the other coffeehouse patrons, he went up to the girl, put the note in her pocket, and waited for her to read it. While she blushed and was most definitely flattered, it was pretty clear that she didn�t want this type of attention from Joe.

And seriously, who can blame her? Joe has being going to this coffeehouse (i.e. stalking) for weeks just to see this girl. He�s had ample opportunity to ask her out like a real man, but instead resorts to grade-school antics like slipping notes into pockets. The girl must think Joe is a psychotic-freak-stalker-loser that needs to get his act together. In short, Joe should really stop bothering this fine lass, but probably won�t.

Hi, my name is Joe.

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