Going�going�gone! Well, I got that job in Irvin…


Well, I got that job in Irvine. I�ll be starting at the end of the month–working from home–and will move down there at the end of May. I�m pretty excited and a little nervous about the whole thing. It�s a cool opportunity and I�m really looking forward to building something new and taking the site in a different direction. Yay me.

Of course now that I�m leaving, I meet a perfectly cute girl. Actually, I met her awhile ago but I�ve never talked to her for an extended period of time. She works at Farley�s–my favorite caf� in San Francisco. She is extremely cute and has such a happy/fun vibe. While I was getting refills for Kate and me, she magically appeared at our table and hung out with us for an hour or so. Bless Kate and her enchanting smile for making the girl feel comfortable enough to hang out with us. She�s so cool and I was so caught up in her that I forgot Kate was there for a few minutes, which lead to this lovely piece of dialogue:

Coffeehouse girl: So, you want to hear how incredibly messed up my life is?
Me (staring intently): Sure, why don�t you tell me�er�us all about it.

It was so cool to hang with her and I�m so smitten. Thankfully I was wearing sunglasses so she couldn�t tell how I was staring at her oh-so-pathetically. I was going to go back later that evening to see her again, but I want to take things slow. I want her to not like me over an extended period of time.

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