Anywhere but Here Pretty much the second I land…

Anywhere but Here

Pretty much the second I landed in SFO, I wanted to leave. It�s not that I don�t love it here, because I do. It�s just that I�m having a much easier time being on the road. It helps me not think about the girl. I�ve found it�difficult being at home. When I�m on the road I�m thinking about whatever agenda the company has set up and what kind of story I can write. At home, there�s just way too much for me to think about�things that make me sad.

The only part of my day that�s easy is the 90 minutes I spend in the gym. Boxing is still lots of fun for me. I�ve been working on circling to my left so as not to be mauled by a lefty again. My movement to the left has gotten better, but I�ve found that it has slowed down my movement to the right. My feet are confused I guess. I�m not sure how I feel about this since almost all the guys I�ll spar with will be right handed. My left hooks from the last two days have been really great. So much so that I find myself thinking, �Wow. I wish I had this punch last Friday at the Codemasters event.� There are times where I deliver it with such a quick and compact motion and it still makes a wicked �thud� against the heavy bag. Cool.

So when I�m not in the gym I�m thinking about the girl�wondering how she is�wishing I could help her. I can�t wait until my plane leaves for London. Maybe my magical powers that charmed a young lady in Newcastle will return. Oh, I�ve added another trip to my travel schedule. The weekend after I get back from Toronto, I go back to Vegas. My daughter doesn�t think all this travel is good for me. She thinks it will prevent me from meeting a nice girl here. I so appreciate her concern, but this really isn�t the best time for me to meet anyone.

There�s this one girl that I�ve been talking to a lot this week. It�s been kind of odd. I’ve known her for a little while, but we’ve never been close. We really don�t have much in common and she�s totally wrong for me, which makes her a perfect candidate for my �girls to date while I�m still in love with somebody else� list. However, I know she�s completely wrong for me and that it wouldn�t work so I think I�ll stop talking to her. A year ago I definitely would have pursued her. Look at me, I�m growing.

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