Round 2�Fight! Codemaster�s boxing trip was a l…

Round 2�Fight!

Codemaster�s boxing trip was a lot of fun. Thankfully, nobody got too hurt this year. I had two fights this year and I was pretty happy with everything. I did make the mistake of learning how to box for three-minute rounds. We ended up fighting for two 45-second rounds each fight. So most of the fights ended being slugfests and learning how to run for two minutes didn�t help me.

My first fight was against Codemaster�s Jon Hare. I was pretty happy with my footwork and I moved around the ring pretty well. My head movement sucked and I caught a few punches that I shouldn�t have, simply because I didn�t slip the way I knew how. It�s funny how you forget many of the things you�ve learned the second the fight starts. Anyway, I landed some pretty good punches and I knocked him down once. I ended up getting the decision.

Next up was IGN�s Doug Perry. He�s a pretty scrappy guy, but what totally threw me off was that he was left-handed. If he were righty, I think I would have won in a similar fashion to my first fight. All the movement I learned centered on circling to my right, so as to avoid a righty�s power punch. When you�re facing a lefty and you�re circling right, you�re running right into his strong handed. Now I totally understand when boxing commentators say that southpaws are tricky.

Doug caught me with some really nice lefts. I landed some good shots too, but nowhere near as many as he did. I did make the adjustment and started circling to my left, but it felt really awkward and I definitely didn�t move as fast. I kind of got caught up in the moment and tried to fight more than I boxed. I gave Doug a cheap shot and flipped him onto the canvas. His cheap shot was way nastier than mine though; after touching gloves to shake hands, he immediately hit me. Normally, you�re supposed to back off a second and square up. Despite his cheap tactics, Doug deservedly got the decision.

Overall I was pretty happy with the event. I�m definitely in much, much better shape than the last time they did this. I�m actually happy that I lost the fight to Doug. It made me see some things I can work on at the gym–learning how to quickly circle to my left being on the top of the list. Also, if I won that fight with Doug I would have had to face Ryan MacDonald from GameSpot. He would have destroyed me. Plus, I can still say I dislocated Ryan�s shoulder the only time we ever fought.

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