Lord I Was Born a Travellin� Man Last week was …

Lord I Was Born a Travellin� Man

Last week was tough to go through. Being in England the previous week really helped me keep my mind off of things. When I first severed my friendship with the girl I was initially feeling very hurt and down. I�m doing a little bit better, but now I�m missing her like crazy. And not just because I�m in love with her�I miss our friendship so much. I don�t really have anyone in my life right now that I can spend so much time talking to�telling them all the stupid things that are on my mind�and the few cerebral things lodged up in there too.

It doesn�t help that lots of people have been asking about her lately. I thought I did a good job of hiding our friendship, but then I remembered who I am and that I absolutely suck at hiding things. I didn�t realize how many people knew she was important to me. It makes sense though. Most of my feelings are so obvious that most people are cognizant of them before I am. The hilarious part is many people knew I was in love before I figured it out, yet the girl never caught on.

Anyway, the only thing that�s helping me not be a pathetic wretch is travelling. Thankfully it has started again and I�ll be on the road for a long time. Check out this schedule:

2/26 To Vegas
2/27 Back home
2/28 Back to Vegas
3/2 Back home
3/8 To London
3/13 Back home
3/15 To Toronto
3/18 Back home

This should keep me busy for a bit, which is good because I�m just so miserable at home. I�m especially excited for the Toronto trip since it�s for WrestleMania X8. I�ve always wanted to go to WrestleMania. It�s been one of my tier-two dreams and THQ is making it come true. Sweet.

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