�Master ninja� or �Impulse� Wow, things have be…

�Master ninja� or �Impulse�

Wow, things have been plenty interesting since my last blog. Thanksgiving was pretty cool. Kim was over and my parents absolutely adored her. This was unnerving on several levels. First of all, they usually don�t care for the girls I�ve introduced them to. Second, they already have several plans to invite her over while I�m not there. So weird.

Most of last week revolved around indulging in a past indiscretion I thought I was over. It�s definitely not the smartest thing I�ve done, and the reasons for it are pretty lame. But it answers a need I have. I�m not sure what I�m doing here�but I guess I�ll find out in eight days.

From New York I made a brief stop to Los Angeles, which was plenty of fun. I got to see two of my favorite girls in the universe. I wish I could see them lots more, but they�d probably get sick of me so it�s for the best. Finally I got to spend nine hours at home before I left for Denver�

�where I went to ninja school. This was way more fun than I thought it would be. We started with choreographed fight scenes where we got to make our own ending. I thought mine was particularly funny in a Jackie Chan sorta kinda way. After this we learned a single-sword form, which was both a nice workout and relaxing. It was almost like tai chi with a sword. I think I�ll continue to practice the form when my wooden practice sword is mailed back to me. My real sword is pretty heavy and I�d either get really tired or my rhythm would be way off. Anyway, this talk of swords is too phallic so I�m going away.

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