�Fallen autumn leaves surround me� or �Play ball� …

�Fallen autumn leaves surround me� or �Play ball�

Ah, the first title is from my second-favorite Fairways song (K-L-M Line)�but I digress.

New York has been cool so far. Yesterday was a lovely fall day. My brother and I threw a baseball around and discussed the important things in life. It was very �Hallmark Moment.� Then I met up with Kim and did some city stuff before I took her to a press junket. I felt bad dragging her to my world of geekdom, but it was lovely to see her.

It’s been nice hearing music around the house. My brother plays classical piano and jazz sax, his girlfriend is a voice major, and his friend that’s staying with us for a while plays violin. The variety of beautiful sounds has been really cool. Of course, I’ll probably get sick of it by the time I leave, but for the time being it’s rather…pleasant.

Today it was really cold, which was a convenient reminder of how much I love the weather in San Francisco. Played catch again with Reggie before I did some hill sprints. I suppose I should start writing some reviews�but I�m just not feeling it right now. Hmmm, today�s blog was kinda pointless.

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