�Twice in a lifetime� or �I�m a loser baby� Wow…

�Twice in a lifetime� or �I�m a loser baby�

Wow. Those last two Yankee games have been phenomenal. I love my team. I know I�ll never see two games like that ever again.

I feel so bad for that young Korean pitcher who blew both games. He�s only 22 and thrust in the spotlight on the world�s biggest baseball stage, only to fail utterly. I�d think he�s the biggest loser in the world, except I�ve got him beat.

Yes, I did go back to Starbucks to see Alani. As expected, I totally fucked up.

11:05PM — Went in, said hi, exchanged pleasantries, ordered two drinks, went back to the table to bring Rannie her drink.

11:10PM — After thinking of several things I could possibly say, the store closes. I decide it�s not meant to be.

11: 15PM — After walking two blocks I decide that I must do something then and there. So we walk back across the street from Starbucks.

11:25PM — Still can�t think of anything to say so I decide to write a note on the back of my business card and give it to her.

11:26PM — Decided that writing something on my business card is incredibly lame. So I plan to knock on the window and say, �Hey, I forgot something. I meant to ask you out.�

11:35PM — The courage and confidence are still not there.

11:36PM — Motivated by the Yankees� last two games I march across the street ready for my moment, constantly saying to myself, �Remember Tino Martinez! Remember Scott Brosius!�

11:37PM — Like a deer in headlights, I�m stuck at the store next door to Starbucks and can�t take another step.

11:45PM — Still next door, I watch as the lights at Starbucks go off. I wait a few minutes and go back across the street to Rannie�s car.

11:50PM — Alani and her coworkers close up and drive off. Rannie and I leave. I�m now the biggest loser in the entire universe.

This is pathetic. I�m almost thirty and I can�t ask a girl out. I will be single for the rest of my life. Words can�t describe how much I absolutely suck. I loathe myself. Now excuse me while I repeatedly bash myself on the head with my Louisville Slugger.

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