�Ironic Monkey� or �Coffee, tea, or Alani?� So …

�Ironic Monkey� or �Coffee, tea, or Alani?�

So I�ve been pretty quiet most of this week. There have been a few things bothering me and I haven�t been the most social person in the world. I felt bad because I was out with Rannie tonight for dinner and Iron Monkey, and I must have been among the dullest people on the planet�.

After dinner we went to Starbucks–the one I went to a few weeks ago with Rannie and Kate. Naturally I fell in love with one of the counter girls. To my great surprise she remembered me–in great detail I might add. We chatted for a bit and she gave me a free white chocolate mocha. This girl is insanely cute and I�ll spend the next week thinking about what I�m going to say to her when I visit her store again next Friday. Her name is Alani, and she�s the perfect distraction from the things that have been bothering me.

Ah, too bad this situation has peaked with a smile, conversation, and a free mocha. I�ll fuck it up next week for sure. Until then, I�m pretty damn cool.

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