�New York, New York� or �The wisdom of Kevin Smith…

�New York, New York� or �The wisdom of Kevin Smith�

So I�ve been in New York since last Thursday. It�s been fantastic: seeing my family, seeing old friends, going to my old digs in the city, etc. I�ll rant about it later when I�m back in San Francisco. For now, I just want to share something that I came across in my room (which my brother has transformed into an RC car garage btw). This little passage reminded me of a friend. The beginning is something I wish she�d take to heart and the end is something I wish I would learn. Anyway, here it is:

�Someone as good as you should not be alone. You deserve to be loved and content and fulfilled in your personal life, because your [work] life will never offer you purchase from the storm. You need a place to hang your heart at the end of the day. You need peace.

But if I�ve ever imparted anything to you, please let it be this�look within yourself for that peace before you look for it in someone else. Because you�ll only be setting that someone else up to disappoint you.�

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