I�m really struggling to grasp the enormity of wha…

I�m really struggling to grasp the enormity of what has happened in the last day. Most of it was spent being self-centered. I found out Tito Per and Tito Ferdie got out of the WTC safely. A bunch of my college friends and I were trying to track down Matt, who works in WTC 2. Eventually I heard from his mom that he was fine. Thank God he was running late for work. After that, I was in a bit of denial. It just doesn�t make sense to me how four planes were hijacked and those tens of thousands of people were killed. This is probably the most significant historical event in my lifetime, and it�s not sinking in.

Usually I can deal with tragedies that don�t hit me directly. I believe that you should try to understand and care about things you can�t change, but marshal your efforts towards the things you can. This situation is so huge though. It could very well lead to a war and change the world forever. None of that is registering with me. Sadly, what�s on my mind is how much I love NYC. Yes, heinous mass murdering took place and I�m being provincial. It�s just�I can�t imagine walking through Battery Park City and not seeing those twin towers there. I almost feel like moving back and getting an apartment in BPC saying, �Fuck you! We�re New Yorkers! You don�t scare us!� This will be one of those rare times where the world will see how beautiful, caring, and giving New Yorkers can be. Sure there�s a shell of attitude and indifference, but when it comes down to it, New Yorkers take care of their city and their own.

So donate blood if you can. A pint of blood might save three people! If you have an immense fear of donating blood, send some funds to the Red Cross. The donation site even comes in an Amazon-friendly version.

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