�Fairwayther fan� or �Crush groove� Like a hand…

�Fairwayther fan� or �Crush groove�

Like a handful of my blogs, this one starts with, �I just got back from a Fairways concert.� Jen had her hair up, and it was a very cute look for her. The sexy smile was in full effect, as was her sexy/goofy vibe. Her ears were a little plain though. I never got to see them before since they were hidden under her bowl-ish haircut. This is going to sound really stupid, but I�m a sucker for cute ears. It�s complicated and ridiculous so I won�t explain. Anyway, the point I wanted to make is that I�m totally confident in my decision to never talk to her. Just having a crush on her is great and I don�t want to be disappointed in the reality. Besides, someone else has dibs on my heart�.

This week should be fairly busy. There�s a bunch of press tours hitting town, some friends crashing, and the Trinidad/Hopkins fight on Saturday. I can�t wait for this fight. I think Trinidad will win, but I really, really, really want Hopkins to kick his ass. I guess I�m still bitter about Trinidad�s bogus decision over De La Hoya. Never mind that De La Hoya robbed Whitaker and Quartey. I love what the Golden Boy used to be: this poor kid from East LA that fought his heart out for his late mother. Unfortunately he�s a victim of his own success; the hunger isn�t there anymore, he plays the media game, and somehow seems�less than genuine.

Nine days until NY! Ah, the pizza, the bagels, the Yankees, my family, and my college pals. I can hardly wait!

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