�Spontaneous journeys� or �Get me outta here� I…

�Spontaneous journeys� or �Get me outta here�

I just got back from Los Angeles last night. The idea to go there popped up in my mind some time last Friday. I bought the ticket on Saturday and departed on Sunday. I�m super glad I went. I got to see my dad, lots of friends, and engage in my favorite activities of pooling and hot tubbing. The most interesting part of the evening was watching Anatole sprawled across some dude�s Lamborghini. The next morning I saw a mark on the car where he was licking it.

For some reason I�m itching to leave somewhere. I was thinking of going to Seattle this weekend. In two weeks I�ll be in NY. And FINALLY I�ll be back in Vegas at the end of the month. I don�t know why I�m so antsy. Maybe I�m looking for something and don�t know what it is. Or maybe I�m just really bored. Anyway, I better get back to writing and pitching so I can afford to travel.

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