�Coincidence?� or �Probably� Just as I was yell…

�Coincidence?� or �Probably�

Just as I was yelling and screaming–to no one in particular–about moving, Steve drops me an email saying that he�s seriously considering moving to San Francisco. It would be BIG time if he moved out here and we got a place together. I can finally have a place that feels like home, and it would be with one my oldest and closest friends. It would be so rad if it worked. The only thing cooler would be if I could convince him that Las Vegas would be a much better place to live. Personally, I�d love the warmer weather and lack of state income tax.

Work has been surprisingly and pleasantly busy. I knew I�d have a ton of stuff to write from all the press junkets, but even more work has been coming in. Already I�ve written two long previews for an enthusiast site, one short preview for a mainstream site, a mid-sized piece for an enthusiast magazine, and five short reviews for a mainstream mag. I have to finish one long feature, five short previews, and a DVD player review before I leave for Arizona.

On Monday night I had the three most productive hours of writing I�ve ever had. Usually I can write really fast or really well. However, for three hours the speed and quality were both there. I kept standing up to congratulate myself every ten minutes. I cranked out around 4,000 words and I was pretty pleased with the results the next morning. Usually I hate everything I�ve written five minutes after it hits the screen. J-Fo said my amazing productivity was due to the fact that this is the most relaxed I�ve ever been in my life. Between the tanning, Sea-Doo riding, hot tubs, pools, and amazing hotels, I really couldn�t argue with him.

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