�Room service?� or �My kingdom for a hot tub� S…

�Room service?� or �My kingdom for a hot tub�

So I�m back after a week of press junkets in southern California. There was lots of fun, sun, and pool time. Plus I�ve got lots of great material to work with and plenty of articles to write. I�ve gotten so used to living in hotels that it feels weird to be back home. I wonder why food isn�t waiting for me when I�m hungry. I�m wondering who will clean up my room while I�m out. Most of all, I�m wondering why there isn�t a hot tub in my back yard for when I�m bored. I logged major hot tub hours in San Diego. Being able to soak in a hot tub at odd hours while trading musings with your friends totally rocks.

The LA trip was lots of fun. There were lots of good friends around and not enough time to spend with each of them. I went to Universal Studios for the first time. Back to the Future and Terminator were probably my favorite attractions. There was a surprising moment the previous evening when Tammy yelled at me�in an oddly supportive way. Sounds weird, right? It just caught me off guard. It was touching but made me feel uncomfortable. On one hand I feel lucky to know her, on the other it�s scary how easily she sees through me. We haven�t spent a lot of time with each other, but she has a better understanding of me than people I�ve known for years. Then again, maybe I�m just uncomfortable around her because she�s really hot (gotcha).

San Diego was very cool as well. I met this incredibly stunning college girl. Well, she�s going to start college this fall. She�s from Colorado and will be going to NYU. Her goal is to be the next Carson Daly (ech). As I mentioned earlier, I got to spend lots of time in the pool and hot tub, mostly with Peter, Paul, and Vincent (not the folk group). The hotel was pretty sweet. Older than the St. Regis that I stayed at last week, but more family friendly. I guess the Loews was elegant without making me feel out of place. Plus it had three pools, and I made a point to try each of them out.

So life has been pretty hard. Tee-hee.

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