�Much Sea-Doo about nothing� or �It�s a hard knock…

�Much Sea-Doo about nothing� or �It�s a hard knock life�

The Infogrames junket was fantastic. It was a great blend of productivity and leisure. I got to see a lot of games and have a bunch of articles to write (including lots of print! Yay!). The hotel was phenomenal. This was the nicest standard room I�ve ever stayed in. It had a huge tub, separate shower, terrace, love seat, Sony Wega television, DVD player, and one of the comfiest beds I�ve ever slept in. I�ll definitely make a point to stay there again.

During demo day this flak from another company called and made a particularly annoying and disrespectful request because her co-flak used extremely poor judgement. There was no reason I should have been bothered. The whole matter was handled unprofessionally and I�m insulted it was ever brought up. Sometimes people�s lack of thought and resourcefulness can be irksome. This was pretty much the only downer of the trip.

I visited my friend Tommy, checked out his extremely rad place, and went for a ride in his new Ferrari. Tommy totally rocks.

The day after the game demos was spent riding jet skis. Having the wind and water blowing in your face as you�re zooming around at relatively fast speeds is a unique and enjoyable sensation. It�s funny�the way I rode was very much reflective of my personality. I never went all out–even though I knew I could–because I�d get scared after cranking it for a few seconds. Even though I wasn�t riding as fast as the other guys and was a victim of many a splashing, it was so much fun. I started out on a Yamaha XL700, which I thought was pretty cool. Later on I switched to a Sea-Doo Bombardier GS which was much cooler. The Sea-Doo was faster and more stable. Tal and I are going to start a Sea-Doo gang and patrol San Francisco Bay.

There was a moment where a bunch of us stopped our Sea-Doos and reflected on the last two days. Between staying at a swanky hotel and riding on Sea-Doos for four hours we all thought, �Boy, our lives are hard.�

The trip back was ridiculous. We were supposed to fly from Orange County to San Francisco. Our flight got cancelled so we went from OC to LA to SF. The first flight was fun. We took a prop plane from OC to LA, which is a 15-minute flight. Luckily I was travelling with Tal and Doug from IGN. These guys were great company and really made things more bearable–actually, they made it totally fun. I couldn�t have picked two better editors to be stuck with during a stupid SFO shuttle debacle.

Next week should be cool. I�ll be staying at the Loews on Coronado Bay for the Midway trip. It just might be more luxurious than the St. Regis!

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