�Biz dev� or �Cheap plugs� Last Friday was inte…

�Biz dev� or �Cheap plugs�

Last Friday was interesting. The last site I had a full-time job with let go of its entire staff and is in the process of being sold. I got a whole bunch of calls from various news outlets asking for comment. It was nice–and a bit strange–to have my opinion mean something to news reporters again. Anyway, the demise of the site got me thinking and I developed a quick business pitch in an hour. The plan seemed pretty clever to me, but I haven�t worked in business development in years so I called up Bill to make sure I wasn�t crazy. He validated my plan and offered some suggestions. So I have something fairly ambitious brewing. If all the pieces come together, this could be the rebirth of something very cool. Those two years of international business development sure came in handy.

Anyway, I have some previews up on GameSpy. Please, please, please click on them. It would be even cooler if you clicked on my name in the preview, so you can send a gloriously glowing email of praise to my editor. I usually don�t like my stuff after I write it–it�s all about the journey, not the destination. However, one of these pieces I don�t hate as much as my usual work. Guess which one.

Ultimate Ride preview

Cel Damage preview

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