�Snoochie Boochies� or �I feel like the aggressor�…

�Snoochie Boochies� or �I feel like the aggressor�

My negative feelings continue to be productive. I�ve now focused my channeled aggression on PR flaks and getting into press events I wasn�t invited to. Because of my generally passive personality, I never made a big deal if I wasn�t invited to a press junket. Since I�m no longer an editor-in-chief, I get invited to even less events these days. Well screw that. I need see and play the games so I can pitch stories. I need to be seen by flaks so they don�t forget who I am. My editors have been pretty cool about letting me cover events for them, so hopefully the summer junkets will keep me busy.

It turns out Jen has a boyfriend. At first I was really bummed out, but after further introspection I�m beginning to think it never really mattered. Sure she�s sexy and plays bass, but I think it was more me needing someone to fawn over than me genuinely being interested. Either way I�ll see her play this Saturday. I�m just so irritated at the opposite sex right now. I hate how girls are attracted to �bad boys.� I hate that even if I put all my efforts into being a bad boy it would never work�it�s just not me. I sure hate a lot of things right now. Eliminating nicotine and halving your caloric intake makes you grumpy. So bite me.

There was a Kevin Smith interview on the Sundance channel yesterday. He mentioned that while Mallrats was panned by critics, it�s often his fans� favorite movie. This is so true. I think it�s clearly his worst movie, but at the same time it�s the one I enjoyed the most. End of tangent.

On Sunday I was short with Rannie while I was on the phone with her. I�m positive she didn�t notice, but I still feel guilty about it. So I�m sorry, both for my curtness and for posting this picture.

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