�At the movies� or �It�s a small world after all� …

�At the movies� or �It�s a small world after all�

Crazy coincidence–it turns out that my latest crush, Jen, went to school with Raina. So now she�s much more than a sexy bass player to me. Apparently she was one of those overachievers and a good tennis player to boot. Cool. She�s brainy, hot, athletic, and a bass player. Of course, this means I�ll probably be too frightened to ever say a word to her, but then again�.

This week has been pretty good. My nic fits are (more) under control and I�m in a very peaceful mood (most of the time). For the most part I�ve been unusually focused. I�ve been motivated to write and take more assignments. I�ve channeled the bitterness that stems from my failed relationship (if you can call it that) into a controlled aggression. It�s a little twisted, but I enjoy when I get cravings for a cigarette or a snack, because I like fighting off the urge. At least I�m doing something positive with all these negative feelings I have.

Jeffrey is in town this week. It was cool to see him, as always, but he served as an enabler to my feistiness. His encouragement led to several jokes at Rob�s expense. Aside from that I was pretty well behaved.

I saw three movies this week and was surprised at which one I enjoyed the most. Here are the recaps:

Crazy/Beautiful � It was pretty predictable, with some weird cinematography. Kirsten Dunst was great as a mentally unstable spoiled rich girl. I�ll see any movie that has Kirsten parading around in her panties. She�s almost as hot as Jen.

Final Fantasy � Obviously this movie looked incredible, although there were a few gratuitous scenes that seemed to serve no purpose other than to let the animators show off for a bit. Sakaguchi�s plot was actually interesting, but the scriptwriters should be shot. The dialogue and pacing were dreadful. This movie has the worst love scene I�ve seen since Highlander. Thankfully, I didn�t pay for this movie. I snuck in after seeing�

Legally Blonde � This was actually the best movie I saw this week. It�s a guilty pleasure akin to Clueless. Reese Witherspoon is pretty versatile. She can pull off both na�ve/ditzy and bitchy/manipulative quite well. Her chin is weird though�reminds me of Ronald McDonald. Chin tangent aside, this movie was lots of fun. Go see it!

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