�Do the right thing� or �Facing the music� Late…

�Do the right thing� or �Facing the music�

Lately, I�ve been bothered by the incongruity between �what feels right� and �what is right.� Sometimes it just really sucks to be in a situation where those things are exclusive. I�m in one of those now, and for the past few months I�ve been doing the former, but I�ve made the decision to try to do the latter. Naturally, this is going to lead to a confrontation.

Usually I put things like this off. I don�t like upsetting people, and this situation will leave me hurt either way–be it prolonged heartache or a sad ending that I can get past. I�ve pretty much accepted the fact that I will do the right thing and take whatever heartbreak comes with it. Hopefully the freelance stuff will keep rolling so I can find comfort in another Vegas trip.

So here I am�typing�stalling�avoiding sleep. I�ve questioned this decision thoroughly and I believe I�m doing it for the right reasons. The impending showdown is giving me major butterflies though.

Geez, what a morose blog this was. Hopefully I�ll get back to writing �about the triumphs of a goofball would-be pirate� soon. Just pulling a quote from an Amazon review that my editor really enjoyed. Click here to check it out. I�m sure my typical goofball musings will be back soon. I can�t have three serious blogs in a row.

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