�Popcorn� My brother is back in town again. He …


My brother is back in town again. He just returned from a trip to Mexico where he volunteered to help build a house for a poor family. He told me a lot about the family. Despite their hardships, they remained very positive and loving people. One story he told me really got to me and made me re-realize how out of whack my views often are.

The family has a young son. One day he got a bag of popcorn, which was a real treat for him considering his family�s circumstances. Even though treats like this are few and far between for him, he happily ran around to all the volunteers, asking them to share some of his wonderful popcorn. Although I never met this kid, I�m amazed and touched at his generosity and ability to keep his spirits high. I know I�m wussy, but I�m having problems typing this story without tears.

Hearing about this boy makes me so angry with myself for making my �problems� more than they should be. This boy currently lives in a house made of spare parts and whatever else somebody threw away. Yet when he had something to share, he was happy to do so. It�s sad that it takes something like this to remind me of all the amazing things I have, and I hope I never forget about this kid, so I never take these things for granted. I hope I can share what I have as freely as he does.

I love my brother. I�m so proud of him for giving his time to a worthwhile cause and an amazing family. I�m so happy he shared his stories of the family he worked for with me. I don�t want to ever forget them. I guess that�s why I�m writing this now.

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