�Anti-virus programs are for suckers� or �Anti-vir…

�Anti-virus programs are for suckers� or �Anti-virus programs are for suckers�

I should have known better.

Really, I should have.

Against my better judgement I installed McAfee VirusScan on my PC. Never mind that I got the software for free. I just should never have put it on my PC. It added way more problems and slowed my stem down a tad (ten percent is certainly enough to irritate me). Putting this stupid program on my system goes against many of the things I learned while working at PC Magazine Labs. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

Let this be a lesson to all of you. So long as you�re mindful of what you�re downloading and the files that others give to you, there�s no reason to run an anti-virus program. It makes PCs unstable and slows down your overall system performance. McAfee�s anti-virus isn�t nearly as draining and obtrusive as Norton�s (I ran the numbers at PC Mag), but it�s still unnecessary. I wasted five hours troubleshooting my PC over the weekend because of this stupid program. Lesson re-learned.

So please, unless you use your computer like an idiot, don�t buy into the hype that are anti-virus programs. If you�re still paranoid you can check files by emailing them to a Yahoo! Mail account. That way you still have peace of mind, your system resources aren�t drained, and you save money.

Network Associates can take their McAfee junk and�.

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