�Bombs away� or �Kismet my grits� Man did my in…

�Bombs away� or �Kismet my grits�

Man did my interview suck. I was extremely nervous–certainly the most nervous I�ve been in years. I was stuttering and I got across maybe ten percent of what I wanted to convey. I pray that they call my references, because there�s no way I�m getting a callback based on that interview. As nervous as I get around girls that I�m attracted to, this was ten times worse. I totally bombed.

Maybe it�s fate though, since immediately after my wretched interview I received a bunch of emails for freelance gigs. Perhaps my immediate destiny is to freelance for a bit. This way I can stay in the biz, bring some money in, and still have the free time to find whatever it is I�m looking for. Big-time thanks to Amazon, FHM, PSE2, and Pop Image for keeping me busy. Now go be a pal and tell them how much you enjoy my stuff (make sure to wait until it’s actually printed or live).

I�ve really been enjoying have weekdays off. I went to another $1 ticket/$1 hot dog A�s game today. It was a day game so I got to work on my tan–actually my arms kind of ache from sunburn. Freelancing would allow me to continue to enjoy these simple pleasures, not to mention the numerous weekday offers I get for cheap Las Vegas rooms.

I�ll have to give this more thought. If freelance opportunities continue to present themselves then maybe dropping the ball with the GameSpot interview isn�t such a bad thing.

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