�Three Es� or �Stranger in a strange land� I ju…

�Three Es� or �Stranger in a strange land�

I just got back from the lovely Electronics Entertainment Expo. It was definitely a lot of fun, with a little weirdness thrown in for good measure. Overall it was a blast, but several times during the event I felt totally out of place. Since I�ve been trying to look at life in a binary manner, here�s a basic rundown of my E3 experience in only two categories.

Bad: I felt funny having PR people buy me dinner and drinks. Since I don�t have a job right now, their wining and dining dollars aren�t really justified on me.

Good: It was good seeing PR people just to let them know that I intend to stick around the biz for a long time.

Bad: Julie–my #2 crush in the universe–saw me full-on drunk again. I was such a mess at Sony�s party. Hopefully I didn�t say anything too ridiculous. Then again my intentions aren’t romantic so I guess it doesn’t matter too much.

Good: The next day I saw Julie while I was sober. She�s going to be in SF this week so hopefully we can spend some time together.

Bad: Out of the few people I wanted to avoid, I was around one far more than I cared to be. I guess it was inevitable though.

Good: I spent time with many people that I dig, others I really care about, and a few that I love. Since John Foster whined about not being mentioned in my last LA trip, I�ll say how wonderful it was to see him. Lamer.

Good: Zoe is still the ultimate woman.

Good: I think I found a replacement for Heather Hawkins as my #3 crush in the universe. She�s a PR chick with a lot of attitude. Most people think she�s cute, but few look at her cooler qualities that you kinda have to dig for.

Good: I got to spend time with a lot of my old coworkers. I miss those guys a ton.

Good: On the last day of the show I met a really interesting girl. I�m hoping to get to know her better. She�s totally cute and goofy. I just dig her vibe. No matter what, I just want to get to know a woman without mentioning S*&$(@.

Good: I was supposed to take a 1:00PM flight back to SF but I volunteered to be bumped. The 1:00 was delayed to 1:35, I took a 2:00 instead, and was given $200 in travel vouchers.

Bad: The last two times I was in LA I had a really good time. It�s hard to loathe a place when you keep enjoying yourself there.

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