�Hoping� or �Give me something to believe in� Lat…

�Hoping� or �Give me something to believe in�

Late last Friday, something happened that subtly, yet profoundly changed my current outlook on life. Out of nowhere I decided to email an editor at a gaming site about a job that might be open. I received a reply from him saying that he wanted to talk to me about the job. It was nothing big or definite, but the change it made in me was.

Although I was aware of the change, I wasn�t sure exactly what it was until a few minutes ago when I was skimming through The Silent Blade. There�s a passage where Catti-Brie says, �There is always hope, there must always be hope. Because without hope there is no strength.� For the last few weeks, I was really dejected because the prospects of doing what I love for a living were really slim. With the market the way it is, I was ready to take a hiatus from the business I love and do something more pragmatic. But now there�s hope that I might be able to stay in the biz. That hope has started to give me strength: the strength to be more positive, the strength to believe in my dreams and the strength to believe in myself.

For sure that job is far from a definite thing and certainly I have a long way to go to get out of my funk, but now I have hope.

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