�Dollar yo� or �Social phobias� Well, I�m getting…

�Dollar yo� or �Social phobias�

Well, I�m getting out of the house more these days. Yesterday I walked around–mostly aimlessly–five miles. Wednesday I resumed my U.S. Open training by vanquishing Tony in tennis once again. If he ever gets his game together mentally he�s sure to beat me. For now, I�ll savor one of the few joys of my otherwise moribund existence.

Wednesday night it was $1 ticket/$1 hot dog night at the A�s game. Cheap fun rules. Hot dogs are my roommate�s favorite food in the world, so this might become a tradition. The Yankees are in town soon and hopefully I�ll be able to catch some of the games. I miss those guys. I guess I miss NY in general.

I�m also starting to get more freelance gigs, but the pay is so low that I might be better of collecting unemployment. We�ll see how it goes.

My mood has gone through another metamorphosis. In week one I was morose. During week two I was manic-depressive. Now I�ve become pseudo antisocial. It�s very weird. I don�t mind being around groups of people; it�s the one-on-one situations that make me uneasy. For some reason I�m very uncomfortable �being me� right now. I�m sure my friends are more accepting than I give them credit for, but I really don�t like and am a bit embarrassed at the moods I�ve been in. Right now there�s only one person that I feel totally comfortable �being me� with, but I don�t want to impose my nonsense on her.

This whole mood thing is actually pretty interesting. I wonder what stupid mood I�ll be in next week?

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