�Anything boxes� or �I love L.A.� Despite the fac…

�Anything boxes� or �I love L.A.�

Despite the fact that I utterly loathe the city, I had an absolutely wonderful time in L.A. It was great seeing my pals from the gaming biz, sexy Becky (whom I haven�t seen in over a year), and my dear Raina. The whole weekend was full of relaxing, drinking, tanning, talking, spa-ing, catching up, and all that good stuff. It was great pampering myself, being around supportive friends, and seeing Josie and the Pussycats again (third time).

I also had a really pleasant surprise on Friday. As I was pulling up to the hotel, I saw a woman that looked remarkably like Erica, my #1 crush in the universe. I smacked myself on the forehead, thinking there�s no way she�d be in L.A. and that I must be seeing things. To my delight, it was her! She stopped by to surprise me before flying back home to San Francisco.

Speaking of Erica, I used one of her tricks to get an upgrade at the W. When I was checking in I mentioned that I was going to have a camera crew come up to do a segment about a video game. They upgraded me to a suite. W Hotels rock.

One of the things I picked up over the weekend was Peace by Anything Box. I swear, this is the seventh time I’ve bought this album. For some reason I always lose it. Hopefully this time it will stay with me.

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