�Swingers� or �Shop till your drop� Well, I�m not…

�Swingers� or �Shop till your drop�

Well, I�m not nearly as morose as I was last week, but the euphoria from last weekend has worn off a bit too. I�ve been going through some wacky mood swings, which is more annoying to me than being sad all the time. At least when I was sad I was consistent. Hopefully with more time I�ll get back to my normal, mostly happy self. I�m fine when I�m out of the house, but I don�t think the happy thoughts when I�m home alone.

Aside from reading my comics and Drizzt book, the thing that made me happy this week was shopping. This is weird because I usually don�t care to buy or accumulate a lot of things, especially since I wish to leave SF on whatever whim strikes me at a given time. I bought two pairs of really cool Ben Davis pants that have made me outstandingly happy. Workman clothes are cool. To balance out my rugged purchases I bought a bunch of girly Body Shop stuff. I don�t care what anyone says, bath salts are cool.

I can�t wait to get to L.A. tomorrow. I�m having a get together tomorrow night with a bunch of friends, Saturday I�m going to try out some guitars at the Carvin shop, and I should have ample time to work on my tan. In retrospect, I probably could have stayed at a less expensive hotel, but I think three days of spoiling myself should be good. I�m pretty sure I�ll be jubilant when I return on Monday. Hopefully my mood will be more uniform throughout the week.

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