�Baby, what�s your number?� or �Legacy of the Drow…

�Baby, what�s your number?� or �Legacy of the Drow�

What an amazing weekend I just had! It was so great on several levels. There was lots of jacuzzi time, walks by the water, walks in the park, and window shopping. My room had a balcony, so there was the obligatory champagne under the moonlight. More importantly, she really took the time and listened to all my whining, hopes, fears, dumb ideas, etc. It really meant a lot to me. Most importantly, I didn�t do anything I wasn�t supposed to. Sure there was flirting, and maybe a little cuddling, but nothing that would be construed as an adulterous act. She was being a very supportive friend and gave me exactly what I needed. The only problem is I find her more attractive now. Maybe she knew that I would find it endearing if we didn�t fool around. I wonder if she knows that I know that she knows. If so, I wonder what will happen next. I�m awfully tempted to see her soon.

I was watching CNN at the hotel–which is something I only watch at hotels�weird–and saw this piece about skim.com�s clothing line. They assign you a number, which is emblazoned on the various clothing and accessories you buy from them. If someone catches your number and is interested in you, they can enter it at the web site and an email is sent to you saying you have an admirer. From there you can choose to pursue it or not. I�m finding the whole thing a little ridiculous. So much so that I�m probably going to purchase a Skim sweatshirt. I can�t imagine this ever catching on in the U.S. My friend Rannie thinks that this might be what leads to the Rapture, but she�s a crazy Korean girl so I�m not buying her theory.

This week should go by pretty fast. I picked up the latest R.A. Salvatore compilation at the airport so the next four days should be filled with the exciting adventures of Drizzt Do�Urden. Then it will be time for my L.A. trip/party (I can�t wait!). I�m terribly fascinated by Salvatore�s characters. I�d like to fancy myself as Jarlaxle, the insightful and charming drow mercenary who is a good person despite his manipulative ways. In truth, I�m more like Regis the halfling, whose favorite activities are eating and sleeping.

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