�Twist of fate� or �Advantage Raymond?� Today I w…

�Twist of fate� or �Advantage Raymond?�

Today I was reading comics in a lounge on the 39th floor of the Marriott. It was really rather peaceful�until I started reading the latest issue of Blink. There was some dialogue that made me think about her–the one girl I truly loved, but got away. It made me wonder if I�m ripe for a relapse because of my current state of mind. Anyway, here it is:

�Sometimes you have to take solace in fate. Fate brought you together, and it broke you apart. But it can never change how you feel. Nothing is ever diminished just because it ends�.�

I�m probably just being stupid.

Speaking of which, I�m most likely going away this weekend to spend time with a really nice girl. Sounds good, right? Only problem is she sorta kinda has a husband. I told her I didn�t want to �date� her anymore, but I really want the attention and stuff. I�m not sure who�s taking advantage of whom here. Am I guilty for accepting a plane ticket and hotel room? Or is she guilty because she knows how exceedingly vulnerable I am right now. It�s probably both, but I wonder who has the upper hand. Not that I care to have it, I�m just…curious.

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