�No rest for the stupid� or �The Bay Area for less…

�No rest for the stupid� or �The Bay Area for less then $20 a day�

My sleeping habits are all sorts of messed up. Since I lost my job I�ve been going to bed around 5AM and waking up at 2PM. I�m trying not to sleep tonight so I can fix my sleeping pattern. Hopefully I won�t succumb to an always-tempting nap.

Sunday was pretty interesting. My friend Adam is in town from NY and I forgot I was supposed to go to an As game with him. I woke up around 2:30PM and got his message. In my typically girly way, I took an inordinate amount of time to get ready so we were a little late for the 5PM game. We paid for bleacher seats ($6) but ended up sitting 25 rows back from the dugout (awesome view). Although it was cool we were able to do that, it made me a little sad that nobody goes to As games. They�re a fun, scrappy, young team that the town doesn�t really appreciate. Then I remembered that I shouldn’t get too sad, because they have jobs.

After dinner we saw Josie and the Pussycats (my second time). Adam has a Loews pass that gives him two free tickets for any movie, any day for a year. So all in all, we did a lot of stuff that day without spending a lot of money. Cool.

Oh yeah, I�m still in love with Melody.

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