�Deconstructing Robert� or �Ode to the Pickle King…

�Deconstructing Robert� or �Ode to the Pickle King�

In general, people fascinate me. No matter how dull or boring a person may seem, there�s always something interesting to learn about him or her. I love getting to know people�s quirks and idiosyncrasies. It�s the numerous dorky things people say, think, and do that I find so interesting. That said, I do get bored with people after awhile–be it days, weeks, months–because of my gnat-like attention span.

My roommate is the only person I�ve ever met who constantly amazes me. I�ve known him for five years and he�s still an endless source of wonder. I can honestly say that I�ve never met anyone that thinks like him. Many of the things he says and does astound me–and frighten me just a little. All at once he�s brilliant, retarded, dynamic, spastic, considerate, aloof, excited, lazy, driven, indifferent, focused, and detached. I would say he�s a walking conundrum of frenetic energy, but so many of the things he does are (surprisingly) planned out and structured. It�s difficult to describe anyone�s uniqueness; explaining Rob�s is impossible.

I feel blessed to know him.

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