"Pete Sampras fears me" or "I’m Henry the Eigth, I…

“Pete Sampras fears me” or “I’m Henry the Eigth, I am”

I played tennis this weekend, which will hopefully become a more regular thing. It was fun, but it�s sad how my skills have diminished–I must be one-hundredth the player I used to be. There were a great many points where I�d be looking at the ball thinking, �Gee, I should really be over there.� The set turned out to be a classic battle of the immovable object vs. the uncontrollable force: I couldn�t really move and Tony (my opponent) had no control. In the end Tony made more mistakes than I did so I won 6-1. Yay me!

The stories of my former tennis prowess have been greatly exaggerated. It�s true that I used to play on the junior circuit and that I played Vince Spadea–he’s now on the pro tour–a few times. Spadea totally killed me though. One of my friends in NY found it fascinating, so he told our friends I used to beat Spadea, which turned into me beating Mark Philipoussis, and eventually turned into me dominating Pete Sampras until I blew out my knee.

For some reason I was messing around with music on my PC. I got this idea to take goofy/happy songs and ska them up a bit. I�m working on really fast versions of �I�m into Something Good� and �I Think We�re Alone Now.� There�s mucho distorted guitar and even more horns. Next time I�m in NY I might lay this stuff down with my brother. It seems like a really cool idea now, but I�m sure I�ll think it�s stupid next month. Maybe I should start a Monkees cover band�.

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